The Keys of Vienna
26 April 2006

Mozart for dinner

# invitation attached
Vlado Gotvan Repnik
location >MuseumsQuartier Wien >Studio 153<> >
open studio = visual lecture > today, 26th of April 2006 at 21:00
Vlado Gotvan Repnik followed an invitation from Quartier21 and realized the
project The Keys of Vienna in the studio 513.
The Keys of Vienna are light, ordinary, easily accessible for everybody and
because of that anchored in an inbetween-teritorial protocol: as the fish
Beta-trifasciata (fight fish) swims in the water of ricefields in Thailand and in the
whiteness of the studio 513, the red-white flag is flattering on top of
Volkstheater and a bambus stick is communicating with the citizens of
Vienna; as amorousness is inhabited by democracy, gifs are animated in the
cosiness of an internet blog.
Protocol is all >> Forget the free and feel the change.
More about the project available on babaLAN site.
Photography in print resolution available on
# production >GVRbabaLAN. Special thanks to Intima Virtal Base >, Martina Ruhsam and Brigitte de Mas.
The realisation of the polymedial project The Keys of Vienna was financially
supported by Bundesministerium für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten.
GVRbabaLAN - Contemporary Art Institute
>031 589877


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Simply: life is composed of a series of sequences that are not more or less important themselves but are this way defined through our view, affinity, our (in)comprehension. Therefore it appears "important" to focus and coordinate my desire to see everything in the same way: as the elephant in the ant or garbage in gold also the Studio in Vienna and Vienna in the Studio. - LOVE IS IN THE AIR = PROTOCOL IS ALL - Project supported by Bundesministerium für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Österreich.

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