The Keys of Vienna
29 April 2006

Good-bye Vienna,
oh Vienna…

Final report

Keystones from my past are falling endlessly too many years in to my every morning time being. I went nowhere. I am going back to nowhere. The sound of the midnight helicopter operation is still here.

26 days and nights, 28 m2 of deep indian yellow bathroom inside of 497 m2 of very white studio walls, 1 blog, 1 stick, 3 fish, 7 balls, 147 analog pictures, 1748 words, 1236 jpg pictures, 21 gifs, 12 hyperlinks, 547 e-mails, 84 sms-messages, 39 skype calls and last but therefore not less important at all, couple tiny thoughts on some very beautiful people here made my days of Vienna wonderful and too short.

Good awakening afternoon after long night dear short Keys of tomorrow is here and now is always, skype me to see what a tee lover can do with a cup of coffee.

P.s: Even the sky is crying here today...but I'll be back at Vienna airport in two days.

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Simply: life is composed of a series of sequences that are not more or less important themselves but are this way defined through our view, affinity, our (in)comprehension. Therefore it appears "important" to focus and coordinate my desire to see everything in the same way: as the elephant in the ant or garbage in gold also the Studio in Vienna and Vienna in the Studio. - LOVE IS IN THE AIR = PROTOCOL IS ALL - Project supported by Bundesministerium für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Österreich.

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